Forget e-Paper, Think of Personalised News Delivery.

A platform that helps you monetize your content and target specific customers with the content that is most relevant to them. With Smartconnect you can auto generate and send to your subscriber, a tailor made PDF Newspaper with News, Ads, Coupons, Greetings etc. that matches their taste and interest. And produce indepth analytics for your advertisers.

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Digital Assets Management

Store, retrieve and share your Digital Assets such as Images, Audio, Video, Documents and more with your marketing, communications and creative teams in an access controlled secure environment.

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Digital Video Library

Whether you have a few video clips or thousands of full-length episodes, SmartArchive Digital Video Library makes it easy to sort, manage and organize your entire media library with user friendly features. Let you expand your storage easily with seamless integration with LTFS Tape libraries.

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Digital Edition

Elite Digital Publishing Solution offers you the easiest way to supercharge your Print PDFs - making your content more interactive and engaging for the end users. Enrich once - publish to multiple platforms such as: Web Browser, Flash Page Turning Flip Version, iPad - Apple Newsstand and Android. Embed videos and animation right on each page. Insert internal or external links on your pages to make them more interactive.

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Editorial Workflow and Archival

SmartNews is an integrated editorial workflow and archival system designed for News & Media publishing industry. SmartNews acts as a single source of content for cross media publishing and provides glue to integrate the different stages of information research, archive search, story creation, content management, scheduling, assignments, page production, web publishing and production tracking.

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