Why Digital Asset Management is important in an Organization?

Most of the digital files in an organization are scattered everywhere – across multiple hard drives, individual computers, network servers, even shelves of storage media.
This is an inefficient way to store assets. Hours are lost by endlessly looking for files, or worse, recreating or repurchasing misplaced files.
Elite Digital Asset Management system removes these obstacles and helps you focus on what matters  most by giving you tools to easily upload, organize and share assets. All you need is just a Web browser.
DAM helps organization to provide peers, employees, clients, contractors and any other key stakeholders controlled  access to digital assets — including images, photos, creative files, video, audio, presentations, documents and more.
Some of the Benefits of implementing a DAM

 ·         Increase efficiency by locating the exact file instantly.

 ·         Have a central location for all your digital files that securely manages your treasured pieces of work.

·         Keep track of your files’ history – reuse your digital files and videos to maximize your asset.

 ·         Low Bandwidth and easy to access to huge files with previews and thumbnails of the Assets

 ·         Place watermarks on images or work-in-progress files to ensure they aren’t used before they are completed or paid for.

 ·         Embed copyright or contact information into every image or file so external parties can contact the right person prior to use.

 ·         Automate workflows; streamline content creation and distribution processes with built-in tools.

 ·         Audit Trail to know exactly who is using the digital files, images and videos.

 ·         Use mobile and tablet functionality to approve, update and distribute digital files while away from your desk.