Digital Strategy for Print Publishers to remain profitable

The biggest challenges for print publishers are rising costs of publishing a print magazine, combined with shrinking rates and ad pages.

Publishing” is the act and process of broadcasting information. Print is just one way of disseminating content. If we look at the music industry,  it is obvious that different people prefer different ways of consuming the same information.

The challenge for publishers – whether print-centric or not – is to produce the same content across a number of consumption channels and still be profitable.

Newspaper circulation numbers are dropping and that makes it all the more important for media houses to succeed in converting print subscribers into digital subscribers.

These are the tactics used by some of the Publishers to increase circulation & improve viewership for their content.

ePaper/Digital Edition  advertisement on webpage

  • It may not surprise you that advertising means a great deal when it comes to selling your ePaper. Nevertheless, 70 % of the top 30 has a clickable front-page ad for their ePaper that leads either to validation or straight to today’s newspaper.
  • This is a great way to attract readers online who are not specifically looking for the ePaper and therefore might not have noticed it before.

Try First  & Then Buy 

  • Allowing free access to the first or a few ePaper editions makes real good sense. You might even call it a trial period as it gives the reader first-hand experience with your product. Experience that could very well tip the balance when they decide whether or not to subscribe to your ePaper / eMagazine. Paired with an introduction period at a lower price, the reader is more likely to be convinced and continue their subscription.


  • Having archive access affects your ePaper penetration in a positive way. It creates an opportunity for readers to dig into the archive and find old news gems, or find news relevant for the specific user.
  • Giving access to your archive increases user satisfaction and results in more downloads for your ePaper, which are key to a sustainable business. Digital archives has a huge potential for gaining a big chunk of subscribers.

Early Preview

  • You can open either all or selected section of your Epaper a bit early so that people can view headlines or other material before it is actually printed. This can also help Readers to have a look at the ePaper during the evening, without losing much of the morning activity. Early release, consequently, increases overall exposure to the editorial content as well as commercial advertisement.


  • Offer content to subscribers that they are looking for without wasting their time. Ask them to subscribe to relevant topics and send them or prepare a personalized copy of Epaper only for them with content that they are looking for.

This can be supplemented with push-messages to let your readers know that Today’s Edition is now live

Some statistics on News consumed v/s the age group

Some statistics on how US Newspapers have improved their Digital Subscription numbers.

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