CCTV Compression & Long Term storage Solution

As more businesses move from analog to high-definition (HD) IP cameras, there’s increasing demand for video recording solutions with larger storage capacities.

Many businesses are now required to keep video for 30, 60 or even 90 days, depending on government requirements.

If you’re struggling with demands for more video storage and wish to keep video for a specific period of time, then we have a solution that works with your existing infrastructure.

Key Challenges faced by Industry:

  • Use of High Resolution cameras which needs more storage
  • Requirement to keep footage for longer period of time
  • Need intelligent analytics to detect violations
  • Since number of devices have increased and amount of footage is huge, manual monitoring is not reliable.
  • Footage to be made quickly accessible over Internet / mobile device without compromising security


  • Video AI Tool that collects video from all your devices
  • Compress & Resample them with a lower bit rate
  • Creates a proxy with lower resolution for quick monitoring over Internet using 3G / 4G networks
  • Moves your optimised and compressed footage to cloud storage
  • Helps you retain the footage for a longer period of time – 1 year or more
  • Gives you a powerful AI search capabilities to retrieve any footage based on Face, Object name, Number plate, Crowd detectors, Color of Object etc..