SmartVMS, Video Asset Management and Distribution System

SmartVMS, Video Asset Management System is a powerful tool to help you efficiently organize, store, and access valuable video content.

VMS streamline your workflow and make it easy to find and utilize videos across various projects.

VMS systems organize your videos in a centralized repository, using AI powered metadata and tags to categorize and index each file.

Tool automatically creates low res proxy versions so that your team can quickly preview and extract relevant portions from the proxy version using a web browser, without the need to install expensive software on the desktop.

Transcoding feature allows conversion of videos from one video format to multiple output formats

With Deep learning and AI the tagging process can be automated to detect objects, scenes and personalities.

Once your videos are ingested and categorized, the platforms provide a user-friendly
interface for browsing, searching, and previewing your content.

It offers powerful collaboration and sharing features, enabling you to work seamlessly with team members and distribute finished videos to clients or viewers.

When evaluating a VMS solution, consider the following points:

  • Ease of use: An intuitive interface and straightforward navigation are crucial for efficient daily use.
  • Scalability: Choose a solution that can grow with your needs, allowing for seamless expansion of your video library.
  • Metadata management: Robust metadata support helps you locate and organize your assets more effectively.
  • Integration: Ensure the software integrates well with your existing tools and workflows.
  • Security & Permissions: Strong access control and data protection features increase the security of your video content.
  • Customer support: Opt for a provider that offers reliable customer service and ongoing technical support.

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Dubai-based Gulf News moves to digital edition of its popular newspaper on Elite Infosoft’s Epaper platform

Now readers can enjoy reading the digital replica of the printed newspaper as an epaper edition everyday morning.

The facility has been provided complementary to existing Print subscribers.

For new subscribers there are economical subscriptions plans with seamless ecommerce payment gateway to pay and start reading.

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E-book titled “Transformational HR – Beyond Processes” launched on ELITE’s e-Learning Platform

Author Dr Mohammed Bawaji, a distinguished name in the HR industry, launched his E-book titled Transformational HR – Beyond Processes on Elite’s e-Learning platform..

The E-book was lanched Online on 27th June 2020 via Web-meet by esteemed dignitaries that included, Chief Guest – Col Lalit Rai – VrC (Veteran), Guest of Honour – Shk Abdeali Bhanpurawala (PRO, Dawat-e-Hadiyah and esteemed Dignitaries and panelists – Dr Sachin Vernekar (Dean, Faculty of Management and Director IMED Bharti Vidyapeeth University) and Dr Adya Sharma, Director SCMS, Symbiosis International University.

This book is available at an introductory offer of Rs 500/- on
Elite’s e-Learning Platform

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VIT University implements ELITE INFOSOFT’s Digital Asset Management System (DAMS)

With ELITE INFOSOFT’s Digital Asset Management System (DAMS), a centralized visual media library, VIT University has now instant and quick access to half a million photos & videos capturing various events that have taken place in the past 30 years.

The System has helped in preserving the history of the institution from its inception to the present. It becomes a central point of storage for videos of lectures / cultural events, records, yearbooks, college newspapers, photographs, manuscripts, letters, and other types of materials and publications of enduring value related to university’s history.

Everything is presented in easy to search user interface. Users can browse a category tree to locate an asset or can use search filters to quickly find relevant videos, photos and pdf documents.

Authentication happens via single Microsoft Active Directory LDAP Service.
Access Control is defined to restrict access to certain catalogs to specific group of users. All events such as Asset Views, Downloads, Share and Updates are tracked and are available in Reports dashboard for detailed analysis & capacity planning.


Elite wins HOT 1OO: RACE TO GRACE 2017 Award

Mumbai, India – March 15, 2017 – Amidst a gathering of eminent CIOs, angel investors, industry stalwarts, VCs, and corporate heads, ELITE INFOSOFT has been recognised with HOT 1OO: RACE TO GRACE 2017 Award, which champions innovation and enterprise.

This was the third edition of the Hot 100 Awards, which honours startups providing unique and disruptive technology solutions that work, deliver real benefits, are innovative and potentially address the market at large.

This year saw a significant number of entries and the 23 jury member panel was hard pressed to select the winners whose creative use of technology made them stand out. Entries were received from a wide array of fields, from Cloud and Data Analytics to Healthcare, Education, Social Media, eCommerce, IoT, and BFSI, among others.

Winners of the HOT 1OO: RACE TO GRACE 2017 Awards were determined by public voting coupled with scores from an eminent pan-India jury panel. The panel comprised industry stalwarts—CIOs, Investors, Analysts, Commentators and Industry Leaders—who allocated scores and basis their expertise finalised the winners. Selection is made by evaluating the startup’s technological innovation, team strength, opportunity size, and product value proposition.

The HOT 100 Awards are a celebration of the entrepreneurial spirit, and seek to recognise and reward India’s most dynamic enterprise-focused startup businesses. Having earned this validation and honour, startups have a platform through which they can introduce their company to the world.

HOT 1OO: RACE TO GRACE 2017 Awards were presented to 100 innovative startups.

“Through the Hot100 Awards we have curate the most validated, trustworthy and promising technology startups in the country,” said Anoop Mathur, Founder & President, Centre Of Recognition & Excellence. “This is done with the help of the CIO community, Angel Investors and the ICT Ecosystem Mentors. I’m very excited for the winners who demonstrated innovation and excellence, with outstanding achievements. I congratulate them on winning this elite tag.”

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Daily Prabhat Poona implements SmartNews

Daily Prabhat Poona implements SmartNews from Elite Infosoft, a unified newsroom solution for efficient multi-channel publishing workflow and an integrated editorial and archival workflow system designed for News & Media publishing industry.

SmartNews acts as a single source of content for cross media publishing and it is used by some of the leading News papers, News agencies in India and abroad.