Ad Files Preflight Portal

Auto Preflight Advertisements

The Advertisement files that a Publisher recieve from external Agencies might have issues with colors, fonts, transparency, image resolution, ink coverage, PDF version compatibility and more

To avoid last minute production glitch, Ads Manager can notify the Agency in advance of possible production issue

On every Advertisement that is submitted, Ads Manager in combination with a Preflight Checking Software, analyzes the contents of a PDF/EPS/JPEG File to determine its validity for print production and a variety of other conditions that you can specify.

Features & Benefits :

  • Reduce the time spent by an Ad agency to submit the Ads.
  • Advertisement agency get the report along with the status of the submitted Ads on internet.
  • Pre-Flight process happen before the Ad reaches to the Material department so as to save time of the Materials Department.
  • Automated movement of files to production folders.
  • ┬áNotifications and Alerts to improve workflow and to reduce production delays.
  • Operators are able to search for past Ads and able to repurpose already published Ads.