Multimedia Asset Management

Your brand has a story, and it’s nearly impossible to tell that story without some form of digital media. As your brand, your product and service offerings, and your organisation grow, so too will your library of digital assets. Images, audio, video, documents and more are all vital tools to marketers.

That means that managing those assets effectively is as important a skill as any other. With Elite’s Digital Assets Library, you can keep the focus on telling your story, no matter how big you are or what kinds of systems you’re using to store and distribute media.


  • Centralise your media library. It beats letting your assets live on multiple people’s hard drives and getting lost.
  • You’ll be able to deliver your digital assets according to certain size, color and other specifications to ensure you’re represented correctly and consistently in Web or Print medium.
  • Avoid conflicting versions of your assets floating around out there.
  • Improve collaboration.
  • Eliminate the cost of lost or misplaced work.

 Product Features

  • Keyword Search
  • Filter Results by Type such as Images, Documents, Videos etc.
  • Narrow Results by various custom metadata Filters
  • Share Assets via email link
  • Download multiple Assets as a single PPT
  • View Slide Show
  • Add to Cart, Rate an Asset
  • Batch upload of Assets with metadata
  • Single Sign on Microsoft Active Directory / LDAP
  • Define your own custom meta data fields

Product License

Perpetual License

  • You can host the software on your server. One time license fee and then AMC for support & upgrades every year.

Hosted SAAS License

  • Hosted on our server in a VPS environment Quarterly payment for Bandwidth / Resource usage