How to successfully roll out DAM in an organization

Digital Asset Management System  is a critical component for conserving all the critical knowledge that an organization would have gathered over a period of time.

But you might face resistance initially to roll out DAM in an organization.

Here are a few things to consider regarding successful user adoption of DAM:

It is a change in mindset to begin using a DAM as a centralized repository for assets which can be searched thoroughly instead of using any prior asset storage methods.

Why do I need a DAM? This involves explaining to users exactly how and why the DAM will make their lives and work easier.

It is a change in workflow to use a DAM. In order to change the workflow to use a DAM, the users pre-DAM workflows first need to be understood and documented for each role by interviewing people who will potentially use the DAM in the future. Genuinely ask users for their assistance and feedback on a regular basis.

Ask them to be open, but respectful with their comments/suggestions, use candor and discuss the workflow thoroughly from beginning to end. Ask senior employees as well as junior employees because their perspectives may vary as well as their ideas for improvement. Listen to the critics you interview with a grain of salt and see what valid points they make. You may find that mind sets may be stronger with some people than others. Early user involvement will help user adoption.

This is particularly true if the DAM and its workflows directly help the users in their daily operations and resolves some of their previous workflow issues. If users see the DAM and the new workflows using the DAM as beneficial and easier in the long run than what they used to do in their previous workflows, user adoption will occur.

  • What are their current issues with the workflow without a DAM?
  • How do they search and find assets without a DAM?
  • How long does it take them?
  • Can they find what they are looking for most of the time?
  • Does everyone understand their role in the workflow?
  • Do they have any ideas on what could be done to improve the workflow?
  • What are the workflow variables? How can they be minimized or handled better?
  • What is missing?

Elite Infosoft has successfully implemented Digital Asset Management Solution in big and small corporate houses with custom plugins to import all the legacy data in older formats such as VHS Tapes, Old Video Recordings, PDFs, Clippings etc.. into the new system for people to share and cherish.